Race Support: 2014 Tour de Taiwan (UCI 2.1)

During the race "2014 Tour de Taiwan", we support the french team "Team La Pomme Marseille" as mechanics and logistics.

Tour de Taiwan (國際自由車環台賽) is an UCI 2.1 race held during March 9~11, 2014.

Our mechanic Edison and the team LPM manager Frederic.

Remy won the yellow jersey.

Team LPM, the champion team of tour de Taiwan 2014!

Team La Pomme Marseille has founded in 1974 as a cycling school and has its own club team. For the time being they have upgraded and registered as a UCI continental team in 2011.

We had to take care of  7 bikes for 5 riders. All bikes are sponsored by CKT -- The private brand of mr. Chiang Kuang Tsang, a former pro rider and coach.

Even it was raining outside, so there was a lot of work cleaning all bikes after daily training.

The First Day: Taipei

Our mechanic is fine-tuning the bike before the race.

Race starts.

 Rémy Di Gregorio of Team LPM took the lead and had max 50 sec gap between the peloton.

2nd Day: Taoyuan

Tactics discussion before race.

Race starts.

Antoine was in very good condition.

Benjamin has won this stage.

Remy got the green shirt for his sprints.

Again, Remy also got the yellow jersey.

3rd Day: Chang Hua
The number of our team car was No.1, because Remy just got his yellow jersey yesterday.

Briefing before race.

Team manager was giving Antoine orders. Unfortunately he had a crash later.

Antoine still managed to get back to peloton after the cracsh.

In the end, Remy kept his green and yellow jersey today.

4th Day: Tainan

The peloton.

Team Gusto, a very strong local team. One of their rider Feng Jun-Kai got the polka dot shirt today.

Antoine was taking the lead, and controlled the pace of peloton.

Remy in peloton, defending his yellow jersey.

Our everyday home work: keep the bikes in perfect condition right after the race.

5th Day: Dapong Wan

Remy just had 2 seconds of advantage over the second rider, so we have to be very careful to defend the yellow jersey today. 

Benjamin and Remy in peloton
Remy was sometimes the servant in yellow jersey.

At last, Remy got 4 seconds of advantage and won the yellow jersey this year.

After the Race
On the day of departure, before leaving the hotel, everyone including team manager had a short ride in Kaoshung city. Then we escorted the team to the airport and wave goodbye to each other.

Cooperating with such a professional team is a valuable experience to us. Although we are all exhausted, it's definitely worthy.

Champion team of the tour de Taiwan.

The best souvenir, a yellow jersey with all riders' and staffs' signature.


Race support : 2013 Tour of East Taiwan, Hualien- Taitong

On 4/20 and 4/21 this year,  we do not only support our own team -- EUAQ -- but also Team Direct Asia from Hong Kong, to attend the most famous club race: the tour of Hualien-Taitong.

One of our EUAQ riders: Wayne.

Team Diect Asia from Hong Kong. They attend the Elite group.

This year we have to take care of 2 teams, so we need to boost the power of our radio to maximize the range of communication.

All team cars hit the road.

The fixed supply area of citizen group.

The supply of elite gruop is mobile. When the riders have needs, the commissar will ask the team car approach the tail of peloton and provide food, water or other services.

Team cars following the peloton.

Another EUAQ rider, Leaf, is riding in his own pace.

Our team mechanic calibrating a bent rear derailleur dropout.

Cleaning the bikes for the next day.

Water, electrolyte drinks and protein drinks.

Massage is crucial for recovery and can also prevent injury.

Since we are riding along the sea shore, fresh seafood is a must!


Training support for friends from Singapore, 5 days in the beautiful mountains.

Our client wanted to attend the  Gigathlon race, a six-day-long super triathlon, including (of course) swimming, cycling and running. However, he works in Singapore where no decent mountain to climb, so he flew to Taiwan and we helped him to have a 5-day training and touring.

First day, 77km of the province way No.9 in the mountains.

(From the right) The client, his wife, and Teming, the client's Taiwanese colleague.

Provice way No.9.

The second day, Luo-Dong to Taiping Mt., 56km.

Before entering to mountain area.

The third day, Taroko to Da-yu Mt., 68km hard climinb.

Another colleague of the client, joined halfway.

Taroko, the most stunning view in Taiwan.

From the coast to high mountain, this route is full of magnificent scenery.
The fourth day, Li Mt. to Wu-Ling, 40km, the highest road of Taiwan.

In front of the famous hotel.

Altitude: 3000m.

Thin air and low temp made the climbing quite difficult.

3275m altitude, the highest point of all roads of Taiwan.

the fifth day, Pu-li to Big Snow Mt., 66km.

The bridge was under construction. They had to shoulder carry the bikes.

In the mountain area.

Big Snow Mountain, finished!

The sixth day was an easy way home. The client's company also took this chance to held a fund raise.

During these 5 days, they went through almost all the famous mountain routes in Taiwan, total mileage over 300km and over 8000km of climbing. It was not easy even for a well-trained rider.

We are quite happy that we have helped them finish the journey, and we welcome more foreign friends to come to Taiwan and enjoy the ride.