Race Support: Tour of Hainan 2014 UCI 2.HC

The 2014 Tour of Hainan is classified as UCI 2.HC, and it is the highest ranking cycling race in Asia. Lots of european teams has attended including Lampre Merida、Asatna etc.

We have already cooperated with Team La Pomme Marseille during the 2014 Tour of Taiwan , and this time we went to Hainan to support them  again. The race last for 9 days, so it was a quite tough mission.

Toolbox, bottles from sponsors, BCAA and supplies, yes we are going abroad.

We had to assemble and fine tune 7 race bikes, and 2 spare bikes, and lots of other stuff 1 day before the race. It was a very busy day.

We have 2 team cars. The silver one follows the peloton and the black SUV carries luggage and other staff.

Ice bucket.

The authority provided 200 bottles with green cap.

The authority provided 1 pack of ice for each team every morning.
For longer stages, the authority provided racers' and staff's lunch, but usually we took only Snickers.

Every morning the luggages and equipments were loaded into the truck and sent to the next hotel.

After checking in the hotel, we had to do the daily job, cleaning, fixing etc.

Some pro teams were well prepared, they even got their own hose and spray gun.

1/3 of the race was raining, so we had to wash the bikes and team cars in the rain.

Every racer and mechanic has to face the flat tire.

Our record is 6 flats in 1 stage, and 18 flat tires during the whole Hainan race. We are probably the team which has the most flats.

Team Lempre's secret tool, a small air compressor, compatible with 12V and 220V electricity. It could save a lot of time pumping.

Some teams even got their own wash machine!

Stage 2, start line.


No.1 car means their racer is wearing the yellow jersey.

The first car is judge's car, and the next is medical car. All team cars follows.

The row of team cars. The blue neutral car serves the break away racers.

A servant went back for bottles.

The course of Hainan is very dusty.

The road was under construction.

In the prloton, 2 Lampre Merida racers were leading.

Some racers and managers are acquaintances, so it is not unusual for a team Novo Nordisk racer comes for chatting with our manager.

The team packed for going to the next race in China, and we were going back to Taiwan.

At the end Julien Antomarchi got the yellow jersey, and team La Pomme Marseille got the team champion. We are very proud that we are part of this glory.


Race Support: 2014 Tour de Taiwan (UCI 2.1)

During the race "2014 Tour de Taiwan", we support the french team "Team La Pomme Marseille" as mechanics and logistics.

Tour de Taiwan (國際自由車環台賽) is an UCI 2.1 race held during March 9~11, 2014.

Team LPM, the champion team of tour de Taiwan 2014!

Our mechanic Edison and the team LPM manager Frederic.

Remy won the yellow jersey.


Race support : 2013 Tour of East Taiwan, Hualien- Taitong

On 4/20 and 4/21 this year,  we do not only support our own team -- EUAQ -- but also Team Direct Asia from Hong Kong, to attend the most famous club race: the tour of Hualien-Taitong.

One of our EUAQ riders: Wayne.

Team Diect Asia from Hong Kong. They attend the Elite group.


Training support for friends from Singapore, 5 days in the beautiful mountains.

Our client wanted to attend the  Gigathlon race, a six-day-long super triathlon, including (of course) swimming, cycling and running. However, he works in Singapore where no decent mountain to climb, so he flew to Taiwan and we helped him to have a 5-day training and touring.

First day, 77km of the province way No.9 in the mountains.

(From the right) The client, his wife, and Teming, the client's Taiwanese colleague.

Race support for Hong Kong professional team during Tour de Taiwan 2010

We provided the support and team mechanic for the Hong Kong professional team during Tour de Taiwan 2010. There are only 5 riders, 1 coach and 1 masseuse who came to the race, so we had to do everything else to make sure the team to have a worry-free race and be able to step on the podium.

Our mechanic man's jobs were not only taking care of the bikes, sending them to the right spot, but also helping the coach make records, communicate with riders, drive the team car, etc. It was quite busy.

The race ended smoothly and the Hong Kong team has got good results. The team is happy and it was a nice memory for us as well.

Every team car has a number to show the priority on the road. The larger numbers have to yield the road to smaller ones, and the numbers actually mean the ranking of riders, so it changes every day.

There are some rules on the road for the team cars. For example, the left lane is for emergency and passing over, and the team cars which has finished supplying have to be back to the original position through the right lane.


A short but tough XC / off-road ride in Trail No.540 (Snow mountain pit river)

A short but quite steep trail  in Trail No.540 (Snow mountain pit river), in the middle of Taiwan.

At rendezvous, 2 teams from Taipei and Taichung merge into one.

Collapsed riverside and rocky river bed without bridge. Have to carry the bike.


Welcome to our blog: Cycling in Taiwan!

About EUAQ & Service

EUAQ Cycling Association is founded by a group of enthusiastic bicycle riders who are dedicated to promoting cycling and bicycle touring in Taiwan.

We provide various, customized services and supports for cycling, racing, and touring on this beautiful island, including:

- Racing support.
  # We provide transportation, in-race supply, mechanics etc. for individuals, clubs, or professional teams that want to attend competitions in Taiwan.

- Touring support.
  # We arrange and lead the riders who want to enjoy the most beautiful bike routes in Taiwan and have a nice, worry-free journey.

- Hardware support.
  # We have the most professional mechanics who can maintain and repair most bicycle hardware. We also sell quality parts and completed bikes.

- Group ride.
  # Always ride alone? Come join us and ride with new friends who also enjoy cycling!

Contact EUAQ

If you are interested in our services or need any assistance about cycling in Taiwan, you can either leave a comment here, write us an E-mail, call us, or just visit our physical premises:

EUAQ Cycling Association & Ride for Fun Cycle Workshop
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-  Tel:  886-2-2356-8819
-  Address:  No.3, 86 Lane, Section 2, Hsin-Yi Road, Taipei City 106, Taiwan
-  E-mail:  info@rideforfun.com.tw

Radfahren in Taiwan. EUAQ Radsport Verein bietet maßgeschneiderte Dienstleistungen und Unterstützungen für das Radfahren, laufen, und Radwandern auf dieser wunderschönen Insel.
台湾でサイクリング. EUAQサイクリング協会は、カスタマイズされたサービスと、この美しい島でサイクリング、レース、自転車のツーリングのためのサポートを提供します。
Ciclismo en Taiwán. Asociación de Ciclismo EUAQ proporciona servicios y apoyos para el ciclismo, carreras, y cicloturismo en esta hermosa isla personalizadas.
Faire du vélo à Taiwan. Association EUAQ cyclisme fournit des services et des soutiens pour le cyclisme, la course et le cyclotourisme sur cette île magnifique personnalisés.
ركوب الدراجات في تايوان يوفر EUAQ الدراجات جمعية خدمات مخصصة والدعم لركوب الدراجات، والسباقات، ويجول دراجة على هذه الجزيرة الجميلة.
Велоспорт в Тайване. EUAQ Велоспорт ассоциации предоставляет индивидуальные услуги и поддержку для езды на велосипеде, гонки, и велотуризма на этом прекрасном острове.
ขี่จักรยานในไต้หวัน EUAQ สมาคมจักรยานให้บริการด้านการปรับแต่งและสนับสนุนสำหรับการขี่จักรยานแข่งและการเดินทางจักรยานบนเกาะที่สวยงามนี้
Cyklistika na Tchaj-wanu. EUAQ cyklistické asociace poskytuje přizpůsobené služby a podpory pro cykloturistiku, závody a cykloturistika na tomto krásném ostrově.
Fietsen in Taiwan. EUAQ fietsen vereniging biedt op maat gemaakte diensten en steunen voor fietsen, racen, en wielertoerisme op dit prachtige eiland.
Cykling i Taiwan. EUAQ Cycling Association erbjuder kundanpassade tjänster och stöd för cykling, racing och cykel touring på denna vackra ön.
Ciclismo in Taiwan. EUAQ associazione ciclistica offre servizi e supporti per il ciclismo, corsa e bicicletta da turismo in questa splendida isola personalizzati.
Ciclismo em Taiwan. EUAQ associação de ciclismo fornece serviços e suportes para bicicleta, corrida, e cicloturismo sobre esta bela ilha personalizados.
대만 자전거. EUAQ 순환 협회는 주문을 받아서 만들어진 서비스이 아름다운 섬에 자전거, 경주 및 자전거 투어링을위한 지원을 제공한다.
Đi xe đạp tại Đài Loan. EUAQ đi xe đạp kết hợp cung cấp dịch vụ và hỗ trợ để đi xe đạp, đua xe, và lưu diễn xe đạp trên hòn đảo xinh đẹp này tùy chỉnh.
Cycling sa Taiwan. EUAQ cycling kaugnayan nagbibigay ng customized na serbisyo at suporta para sa pagbibisikleta, racing, at bisikleta paglilibot sa ito maganda isla.
ការ​ជិះ​កង់​នៅ​ក្នុង​ប្រទេស​តៃវ៉ាន់ EUAQ ជិះ​កង់​សមាគម​ផ្ដល់​នូវ​សេវា​ប្ដូរ​តាម​បំណង​និង​ការ​គាំទ្រ​សម្រាប់​ការ​ជិះ​កង់​, ប្រណាំង​, និង​កង់​ដំណើរ​កំសាន្ត​នៅ​លើ​កោះ​ដ៏​ស្រស់​ស្អាត​នេះ​។
Berbasikal di Taiwan. EUAQ berbasikal persatuan menyediakan perkhidmatan disesuaikan dan menyokong untuk berbasikal, perlumbaan, dan melawat basikal di pulau yang indah ini.
Велоспорт в Тайвані. EUAQ Велоспорт асоціації надає індивідуальні послуги та підтримку для їзди на велосипеді, гонки, та велотуризму на цьому прекрасному острові.
Sykling i Taiwan. EUAQ sykling foreningen gir tilpassede tjenester og støtter for sykling, racing, og sykkelturer på denne vakre øya.
Jazda na rowerze w Tajwanie. EUAQ cycling stowarzyszenie zapewnia spersonalizowane usługi i podpory do jazdy na rowerze, wyścigi i rowerowa na tej pięknej wyspie.
Pyöräily Taiwanissa. EUAQ pyöräily yhdistys tarjoaa räätälöityjä palveluja ja tukee pyöräily, kilpa-ja polkupyörän touring tällä kauniilla saarella.
دوچرخه سواری در تایوان انجمن دوچرخه سواری EUAQ فراهم می کند خدمات و پشتیبانی برای دوچرخه سواری، مسابقه، و تور دوچرخه در این جزیره زیبا سفارشی.
Riteņbraukšana Taivānā. EUAQ riteņbraukšana asociācija sniedz individuālus pakalpojumus un atbalsta riteņbraukšana, sacīkšu, un Riteņbraukšanas par šo skaisto salu.
Revolutio in Taiwan. EUAQ revolutio consociationis Lorem praebet adiumenta pro servitiis et revolutio, currus, habebat vehentem, et bibendum? Iste formosus in insula.
তাইওয়ান মধ্যে সাইক্লিং. EUAQ সাইক্লিং সংগঠন অনুকূলিতকরণ সেবা এবং এই সুন্দর দ্বীপে সাইক্লিং, দৌড়, এবং সাইকেল ভ্রমণের উপযোগী লম্বা জন্য সমর্থন উপলব্ধ করা হয়.
Tayvan Cycling. EUAQ velosiped birliyin xüsusi xidmətlər və bu gözəl ada velosiped, yarış, və velosiped Touring üçün dəstəkləyir təmin edir.
Հեծանվավազք Թայվանում EUAQ Հեծանվավազք Ասոցիացիան տրամադրում է անհատական ​​ծառայությունների եւ աջակցում է Հեծանվավազք, racing եւ հեծանիվ տուրիստական ​​այս գեղեցիկ կղզու.
Ποδηλασία στην Ταϊβάν EUAQ Ποδηλασία σύνδεσης παρέχει εξατομικευμένες υπηρεσίες και υποστήριξη για ποδηλασία, αγώνες και touring ποδήλατο σε αυτό το όμορφο νησί.
רכיבה על אופניים בטייוואן EUAQ אופניים איגוד מספק שירותים ותמיכה לרכיבה על אופניים, מירוצים, וטיול אופניים באי היפה הזה מותאמים אישית.
Biciklizam u Tajvanu EUAQ biciklistička udruga pruža prilagođene usluge i potpora za biciklizam, utrke, a bicikl touring na ovom prekrasnom otoku.
ताइवान में साइकल चलाना EUAQ साइक्लिंग संघ अनुकूलित सेवाओं और इस खूबसूरत द्वीप पर साइकिल चलाना, रेसिंग, और साइकिल दौरे के लिए समर्थन प्रदान करता है.
Bersepeda di Taiwan EUAQ bersepeda asosiasi menyediakan layanan yang disesuaikan dan mendukung untuk bersepeda, balap, dan sepeda tur di pulau yang indah ini.
Kerékpározás Tajvanon EUAQ Kerékpáros Szövetség nyújt személyre szabott szolgáltatások és támogatások a kerékpározás, verseny, és kerékpáros túra ezen a gyönyörű szigeten.
Hjólreiðar í Taívan EUAQ hjólreiðum félag veitir sérsniðna þjónustu og styðja fyrir hjólreiðum, kappreiðar, og hjólaferðir á þessa fallegu eyju.
Dviračių sportas Taivane EUAQ dviračių asociacija suteikia individualų paslaugas ir palaiko dviračiu, Racing, ir dviračių turizmui šioje gražioje saloje.
Ciclisme a Taiwan Associació de Ciclisme EUAQ proporciona serveis i suports per al ciclisme, carreres, i cicloturisme en aquesta bonica illa personalitzades.
Taiwan Txirrindularitza EUAQ Txirrindulari elkartea pertsonalizatuko zerbitzuak eskaintzen eta bizikleta, lasterketa, eta ibilbide eder hau irla euskarri.
Cykling i Taiwan EUAQ cykling forening leverer skræddersyede tjenester og holdere til cykling, racing, cykler og touring på denne smukke ø.
骑自行车在台湾 EUAQ自行车协会提供定制服务和支持,骑自行车,赛车,自行车旅游在这个美丽的岛屿。
Tayvan Bisiklet EUAQ bisiklet derneği özel hizmetler ve bu güzel adada bisiklet, yarış, ve bisiklet turne için destek sağlar.