Race Support: Tour of Hainan 2014 UCI 2.HC

The 2014 Tour of Hainan is classified as UCI 2.HC, and it is the highest ranking cycling race in Asia. Lots of european teams has attended including Lampre Merida、Asatna etc.

We have already cooperated with Team La Pomme Marseille during the 2014 Tour of Taiwan , and this time we went to Hainan to support them  again. The race last for 9 days, so it was a quite tough mission.

Toolbox, bottles from sponsors, BCAA and supplies, yes we are going abroad.

We had to assemble and fine tune 7 race bikes, and 2 spare bikes, and lots of other stuff 1 day before the race. It was a very busy day.

We have 2 team cars. The silver one follows the peloton and the black SUV carries luggage and other staff.

Ice bucket.

The authority provided 200 bottles with green cap.

The authority provided 1 pack of ice for each team every morning.
For longer stages, the authority provided racers' and staff's lunch, but usually we took only Snickers.

Every morning the luggages and equipments were loaded into the truck and sent to the next hotel.

After checking in the hotel, we had to do the daily job, cleaning, fixing etc.

Some pro teams were well prepared, they even got their own hose and spray gun.

1/3 of the race was raining, so we had to wash the bikes and team cars in the rain.

Every racer and mechanic has to face the flat tire.

Our record is 6 flats in 1 stage, and 18 flat tires during the whole Hainan race. We are probably the team which has the most flats.

Team Lempre's secret tool, a small air compressor, compatible with 12V and 220V electricity. It could save a lot of time pumping.

Some teams even got their own wash machine!

Stage 2, start line.


No.1 car means their racer is wearing the yellow jersey.

The first car is judge's car, and the next is medical car. All team cars follows.

The row of team cars. The blue neutral car serves the break away racers.

A servant went back for bottles.

The course of Hainan is very dusty.

The road was under construction.

In the prloton, 2 Lampre Merida racers were leading.

Some racers and managers are acquaintances, so it is not unusual for a team Novo Nordisk racer comes for chatting with our manager.

The team packed for going to the next race in China, and we were going back to Taiwan.

At the end Julien Antomarchi got the yellow jersey, and team La Pomme Marseille got the team champion. We are very proud that we are part of this glory.


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