Race support : 2013 Tour of East Taiwan, Hualien- Taitong

On 4/20 and 4/21 this year,  we do not only support our own team -- EUAQ -- but also Team Direct Asia from Hong Kong, to attend the most famous club race: the tour of Hualien-Taitong.

One of our EUAQ riders: Wayne.

Team Diect Asia from Hong Kong. They attend the Elite group.

This year we have to take care of 2 teams, so we need to boost the power of our radio to maximize the range of communication.

All team cars hit the road.

The fixed supply area of citizen group.

The supply of elite gruop is mobile. When the riders have needs, the commissar will ask the team car approach the tail of peloton and provide food, water or other services.

Team cars following the peloton.

Another EUAQ rider, Leaf, is riding in his own pace.

Our team mechanic calibrating a bent rear derailleur dropout.

Cleaning the bikes for the next day.

Water, electrolyte drinks and protein drinks.

Massage is crucial for recovery and can also prevent injury.

Since we are riding along the sea shore, fresh seafood is a must!

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