Race support for Hong Kong professional team during Tour de Taiwan 2010

We provided the support and team mechanic for the Hong Kong professional team during Tour de Taiwan 2010. There are only 5 riders, 1 coach and 1 masseuse who came to the race, so we had to do everything else to make sure the team to have a worry-free race and be able to step on the podium.

Our mechanic man's jobs were not only taking care of the bikes, sending them to the right spot, but also helping the coach make records, communicate with riders, drive the team car, etc. It was quite busy.

The race ended smoothly and the Hong Kong team has got good results. The team is happy and it was a nice memory for us as well.

Every team car has a number to show the priority on the road. The larger numbers have to yield the road to smaller ones, and the numbers actually mean the ranking of riders, so it changes every day.

There are some rules on the road for the team cars. For example, the left lane is for emergency and passing over, and the team cars which has finished supplying have to be back to the original position through the right lane.

For the 2-lane road, the left is reserved for emergency and passing.

The official "Broom Wagon" to pick up stragglers. It also took the bikes to the next stage after every race.

Our mechanic, Edison Li (middle), and 2 Hong Kong pros.

Very memorable souvenir from the team.

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